Our Services

DMM Services & Solutions Inc. offer different services to make your Quickbooks experience easy and manageable. We have been customizing a bookkeeping and accounting system incorporating QuickBooks to allow an efficient and accurate tracking of your business’s financial performance.

Software Consultation

we provide honest and unbiased advice and solutions to your existing
business needs.


Coaching and training brings out the best in your people. Continuous support with training helps maximize our existing business solution.


proper implementation maximize the value of business solution. It is designed to drive users’ engagement and adoption to the new system.


assistance in the installation to make the program ready for execution

Report Customization

every company has unique workflow and process. Aside from the standard report Quickbooks can generate a unique report based on your company needs by using Quickbooks feature or by using a 3 rd party interfaced applications.


issues related to the use of the application will be professionally be handled by DMM technical team from identifying and diagnosing of problems

Network Security

Financial and business files are important asset of a company. Protection and access to files and directories will be of utmost importance

After Sales Support

troubleshooting is a form of problem solving designed to assist clients in using Quickbooks effectively and to ensure all expectations of client are being met.

The benefits of Quickbooks Training

Learning more about QuickBooks products empowers you to solve business problems, find new opportunities for growth, and be more successful in your business or career. Our courses are designed to provide you with plenty of opportunities to learn using real-world examples and hands-on exercises.

QuickBooks Training will help you understand the product you use more deeply, so you can identify and solve business or work challenges more easily. You’ll be able to more fully engage with and apply QuickBooks technologies and processess to find new opportunities for growth. And you’ll be better equipped to be more successful in your career or business.

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