About DMM

Our story began in 2000. We were three friends, Doris, Marissa and Marlene. We formed the company, named DMM Information Technology Services and offered accounting, bookkeeping, and auditing services. The partnership lasted for a few years but due to the fast evolution of technology, it was dissolved.

Year 2012. As businesses move towards automated system, DMM Infotech Services & Solutions Inc. was born. From the previous manual accounting services, we have researched some accounting software to help small and medium enterprises in tracking their business finances as well as forecast sales. We have selected Quickbooks and offered the accounting software as we consider it as the best accounting software for small businesses.

DMM which came from the initials of the name of the three friends was now identified as Data Management Methodology .

DMM Mission

Our mission: to empower businesses by simplifying Information Technology and Accounting

DMM Products

Our goal is to help small businesses in tracking their finances. With this in mind, Quickbooks, which is our main product have different versions for different client situations and capacity. In addition, we developed and customized in-house programs to help them with their business reports, tax obligations and other company requirements.

DMM Office

We are located in the commercial and business district of Mandaluyong. We are in the center of the Manila Metropolitan to quickly address our client’s needs. From a small number, our staff now are composed of young, bright, and aggressive individuals that was trained to give the best customer service.

DMM Friends

We offer the best services to our clients and this relationship create friendship thus our clients became our friends and we believe in treating our friends with respect and dignity. We offer them a legitimate and licensed accounting software and world class after sales support giving our friends peace of mind, leading to improved productivity and efficient management. Our friends have grown exponentially and now boost a list of local and international clients spread over Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

DMM Responsibility

Whether it is small, medium, or big company, we make sure to promote equality in giving services with the trust and satisfaction of every friends.

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