Quickbooks Custom Program Add-on

Quickbooks Custom Program is a customize program that can extract information from QuickBooks to meet your business requirements, methodologies and reporting needs.


QB Check Writer with Check Printing

Check disbursements recorded in Quickbooks will Generate a Check Voucher and will print bank’s check simultaneously thereby eliminating double entry.


BIR Form 2307 Writer

printing of Certificate of Withholding Tax comes after printing of the check voucher  and the check payment. No need to use the BIR offline form to reencode



Petty Cash Expenses Generator

this application will generate your petty cash expense report with headers like Date, Tin, Address and VAT on purchase of Goods and services(standalone).



QB Invoice Writer

using BIR Compliant Invoice looseleaf



QB Official Receipt Writer/Collection Receipt

using BIR Compliant OR / Collection receipt looseleaf



QB Journal Voucher

a professional looking journal with company logo and field for Prepared by and Approved by.



QB Accounts Payable Voucher

a professional looking APV with logo column for Inventory and accounting entry with field for Prepared by and Approved by.



VAT Relief Summary List of Purchases

BIR summary list of Purchases



VAT Relief Summary List of Sales

BIR summary list


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