Quickbooks January Promotion

Quickbooks January Promotion

Time to upgrade…

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is now available in the market. As always, QuickBooks Desktop 2024 has rolled in with some interesting features that would not just make your daily activities easier, but will also assist you to grow your business.

And if you are contemplating in the use of Computerized Accounting System (CAS), we can assist you in the registration process of your business.

What is CAS in Philippines?
Computerized Accounting System (CAS) refers to the integration of different component systems to produce computerized books of accounts and computer-generated accounting records and documents.

Who are required to register with CAS?
Revenue Memorandum Order No. 1-2009 requires all large taxpayers to upgrade to a CAS and register their chosen system at the BIR. But the right to use a CAS isn’t exclusive to these large companies. Small and medium-sized businesses can also choose to adopt a CAS as long as they follow the same compliance requirements.

To know more about Quickbooks Desktop 2024 and BIR CAS compliance,  give us a call at +639178550539 or send us an email at dmmbiz@yahoo.com .

Many thanks for choosing us and we wish everyone joy and peace this holiday season!

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