Quickbooks Online Plus

QuickBooks Online Plus

Quickbooks Online Plus

QuickBooks Online Plus lets you see how your business is doing instantly

QuickBooks Online Plus offers different versions with different plans per month depending on the number of users you need and if your business require features like A/P, inventory, or advanced reporting.

QuickBooks Online Plus is ideal for a business that sells products and services. Unlike plans, you can track inventory costs and quantities, create purchase orders, and issue 1099s to contractors. 

Some additional features included with QuickBooks Online (QBO) Plus are budget versus actual reporting and more than 100 reports that you can run in under a few minutes. This tool helps match actuals to projected income and expenses. 

QuickBooks Online Plus is great for:

  • Any small business that needs to track inventory and wants remote, online access to their books
  • Bookkeepers and accountants who want the added guidance of setting up tax forms through their bookkeeping software
  • Small businesses that need to accomplish basic bookkeeping tasks, including the ability to upload bank and other financial files
  • Companies that outsource their bookkeeping duties
  • Those who will need to give multiple users (up to 5) remote access to their books
  • People who want to have copies of their books automatically backed up online

QuickBooks Online Plus is the most robust online version that QuickBooks offers and includes more than 65 reporting features. It has all of the features of other plans, plus the ability to track inventory, create purchase orders, and prepare and print tax forms. It automatically backs up all of your bookkeeping data. Quickbooks Online Plus also includes unlimited phone and email support as well as remote and mobile access. One downside with all QuickBooks Online versions is that you cannot work with your business’ books without an Internet connection. If you want to have this ability, you’ll have to go with one of the QuickBooks Desktop products such as Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise, Quickbooks Desktop Premier or Quickbooks Desktop Pro.

QuickBooks is a game-changer for any small business.

Track projects

See how much you’re making on every individual project. Track all time expenses on your projects and view outstanding payments and unbilled work. Understand full scope of a project by tracking non-billable time for each project

Track income & expenses

Securely import transactions from your bank. Automatically sort transactions into tax categories. Instantly see how your business is performing with profit and loss and expenses right on your dashboard

Run reports

Run and export reports including profit & loss, expenses, and balance sheets. Avoid surprises by easily tracking cash flow and reporting on your dashboard. Share a professional-looking summary of your finances with your business partners

Invoice & accept payments

Accept all credit cards and free bank transfers, right in the invoice. Track invoice status, send payment reminders, and match payments to invoices, automatically. Create professional custom invoices with your logo that you can send from any device.

Capture & organize receipts

Use your phone to snap and save photos of receipts. Easily sort and link expense receipts to transactions. Stay organized and ready for tax season with everything in one place

Manage bills

Track bill status, record payments, and create recurring payments. Pay multiple vendors and bills at the same time. Create checks from anywhere and print when ready.

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