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QuickBooks Desktop 2021 is now out and available!

QuickBooks Desktop 2021 brings both new and improved features to help your process faster, to help your staff and employess be more effective in their duties and obligations.

Here are some of the new and improved inclusions in the new QuickBooks Desktop 2021 release and see how you can utilize the product to keep better monitoring of your business finances. 

New! Automated Send Statements

You can use payment reminders to schedule statements for your customers or let them know if the have pending invoices. 

New! Customized Payment Receipts

Create custom templates for forms like invoices, sales receipts, estimates, statements, and purchase orders. These templates can be customized according to how you prefer the look and what information are needed to include.

By customizing the template such as logo, header, footer and content, you are creating a professional and more consistent form and more specifically, you customize the form on a per customer preference.

New! Create Customer Groups

Creating customer groups allows you to find all customers that match certain criteria for things like location, customer type, or the customer’s status. Then you can create automated statements, send payment reminders, or create mailing lists for specific groups of customers. The bottom line here is you can easily manage and automate communications to your customers.

New! Receipt Management

Automatically create and categorize receipt expense transactions in QuickBooks by using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app to capture receipt data. Just photograph receipts, import, and review. Stay organized by attaching digital receipt images to expense transactions for audit trails. Efficiently categorize, review, and manage multiple receipt transactions at once.

Improved! Bank Feeds

Automatically categorize bank transactions with more detail by using enhanced rules, batch editing, and improved matching. Gain flexibility and efficiency with enhanced rules that permit you to quickly search for, and define, categorization criteria.

Improved! PDF Invoice and Attachment Review

Automatically preview the invoice and attachments from the Send Invoice view in QuickBooks. No longer necessary to manually open each attachment outside of QuickBooks to confirm accuracy of your email content.

Improved! Payroll Liability Reminders

An improvement for payroll processors that want to set up a payroll liability payment due reminder, using a calendar application.

Improved! Simplified Employee Payroll Setup

With the release of QuickBooks Desktop 2021, small business owners are now able to complete historical payroll setup more efficiently. Last year’s release of the simplified payroll setup offered a more complete guided setup experience. Small business owners can invite their employees to securely fill in their own personal information.

Improved! Auto Matching for Customer Merchant Payments

Helps QuickBooks Desktop merchants auto match all payments to their accounting records every time, with complete confidence and no work. The majority of downloaded payment transactions will be automatically assigned to the proper open invoice. Users can efficiently focus on a category of transactions that need immediate attention. And, the best news yet: Credit card payments are deposited the next day into the merchant’s account; no extra fees or merchant action required!

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