Quickbooks Desktop Plus 2022

The new QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022 as announced by Intuit will be sold on an annual subscription basis format. The former Quickbooks Pro and Premier will become Quickbooks Pro Plus and Quickbooks Premier Plus.

The one-time purchase of a license will still be available for a very limited time and only through registered dealers/partners. Please note that some features of the one-time purchase license will not be functioning after three(3) years as planned in the Intuit Discontinuation Program.

QuickBooks Desktop for Windows is updating its product lineup. With the 2022 launch, Intuit will now only be selling Quickbooks Pro and Premier products as Pro Plus and Premier Plus subscriptions in place of one-time purchase licenses. However, to facilitate this transition, sales of QuickBooks Desktop 2021, one-time purchase versions, will be extended until October 2021.

Thus, if you want to have a ‘fixed price’ for a few years then GRAB the QuickBooks Desktop 2021 NOW!

Software piracy is the act of illegally copying, duplicating, distributing or reselling of counterfeit software for profit. It is a violation of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines, which includes penalties of up to nine years imprisonment and a fine of up to 1.5 million Philippine pesos.
However, some crooked businesses disguised as a legitimate seller were tempted to enter piracy because of its profitability and Quickbooks were not spared from the act of piracy.

The COVID-19 pandemic have led businesses to rethink the way they communicate with employees and customers and the best alternative is the use of video conferencing, such as Zoom, to stay connected without the worries of being infected with the virus.

The world we’ve known in years have changed a lot because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It forces us to change our habits as well as the ways in which we work and carry out our daily duties. And working from home is the new normal as it is the safest solution to protect the people from the virus but it has limitations.

Currently, every companies nightmare is how to monitor their business financial transactions. So the question is, do we have the technology to help companies in monitoring their financial transactions? Don’t fret! CLOUD HOSTING is the answer to your business problem.

majority of small and medium business establishments, have already been affected greatly by the coronavirus pandemic. Perhaps the most overwhelming challenge businesses are struggling with right now is managing their team, allotting work or even oversee accounting and compliance, however, those companies which have opted for a cloud based solutions, are faring well.

As community quarantine are gradually lifted, social distancing and staying at home is still the best solution to contain this deadly virus, but, all businesses — big or small, are having a hard time to run smoothly. And this situation greatly affects world economies and billions of dollars have already been lost as markets are falling down.

In the event of a pandemic like the coronavirus, there’s a lot of uncertainty—especially in the workplace. You might not know how to keep your employees and customers safe and your business afloat yet.

Don’t panic! Panic creates fear, and fear results in rash decisions. Keep a close eye on Health Department and World Health Organization websites for real-time updates, developments, and recommendations.

QuickBooks training here in the Philippines is probably the best investment you can have in your pursuit for that accounting knowledge that not everyone have been able to get. Accounting is a crucial part of any business, and having the right Quickbooks training will give you the full potential to track, manage and forecast your business finances in the right direction.

Our Quickbooks Training courses, are unique and specifically tailored to your business and situation thus taking our basic to advance course will prepare you for that complicated accounting tasks by having the full understanding of the Quickbooks Accounting software.

Using QuickBooks for your business has a lot of benefits. It has been the go-to accounting software for small to medium sized businesses. With a more than 80% of market share, Quickbooks leads the pack when it comes to small to medium accounting software program.

Quickbooks is an accounting software developed by Intuit. It provides an easy-to-use interface for small businesses to take care of their business accounting needs. Here are the five (5) reasons why you should be using QuickBooks for your business.

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