Quickbooks Desktop 2021 License

Quickbooks Desktop 2021 License

To all valued DMM Infotech clients and prospects:

We are reaching out to provide information that the new QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022 products will be transitioning to subscription model.

The new QuickBooks Desktop Plus 2022 subscriptions are scheduled to be released on October 2021. QuickBooks Desktop subscriptions provide customers with the same locally-installed user interface, with added features and functionality that provides the best value and best-in-class product experience.

However, a LIMITED time exception for the purchase of Quickbooks Desktop Pro, Premier and Accountant Edition one-time purchase licenses (which will be supported through May 2024) is still available until October 2021 only.

So, if you want to have the “fixed price” for a few years, GRAB the Quickbooks Desktop 2021 NOW!

For questions and inquiries about Quickbooks Desktop 2021 and to know more about our products and services, please call us at +639178550539 or send us an email at dmmbiz@yahoo.com.

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