Video Conferencing During Pandemic

Video Conferencing During Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic have led businesses to rethink the way they communicate with employees and customers and the best alternative is the use of video conferencing to stay connected without the worries of being infected with the virus.

Quarantines, self-isolation, prohibition of pubic gatherings, social distancing, and travel bans are some of the business disruptions that need attention and consideration to continuously communicate. And with the need to work remotely, video conferencing provides a better alternative to a face-to-face meeting.

With this new “normal”, all we can do is adapt to the situation as best as we can, and that includes the way we work and do business.

DMM Infotech Solutions Inc. is not exempted in this “new normal”. We searched the current online communication tools that can provide the solution and we find Zoom to be the top choice.

With Zoom you can invite (up to 100 people) on the same call, share screens and send files so participants can see what you’re working on and quickly review the work progressively.

Zoom also includes the ability to video record your call so you have the ability to review of what’s been said while reducing the burden of extensive note taking.

Zoom is perfect for conducting all kinds of call, whether personal, family and most specially for business to promote products and services. Video conferencing makes training sessions easy without the need for booking venues and requiring participants to travel. Customer support calls can also be done remotely and screen-sharing feature is particularly useful in diagnosing and solving complex problems more easily.

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